Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Handsbrain website, Research Center for Learning Science (RCLS) of Southeast University and Thinktank: Science Education, Jiangsu.

The supporting website of the science education reform program in China “Learning by Doing (LBD)”--Handsbrain (www.handsbrain.com) -- has played a key role in making science of learning better known to the public and bridging the gap between researchers and policymakers. Aiming to discover the relationship between the emotion competence development and the nurturing process of Chinese children, Handsbrain sets up a platform for research on learning-related neuroscience by using the most recent progress in neuroscience and, at the same time, taking account of the unique circumstance in China. This platform has attracted many interested people to join us. The science of learning, as a pioneering inter-disciplinary science, can be defined as the study of how to let people learn in a more scientific way. Founded in May 2002, RCLS is the first institute in China specializing in learning science. Taking advantage of the superiority in biomedical engineering and information science in Southeast University, RCLS explores its research path by integrating the two stronger disciplines with neuroscience, psychology and education. We have developed this brochure to help you know Handsbrain, Thinktank: Science Education, Jiangsu and RCLS. We also hope you will take opportunity to meet with us so that we can get to know you.

Research Center for Learning Science (RCLS)
Thinktank: Science Education, Jiangsu


“Learning by Doing (LBD)” is a science education reform program initiated jointly by the Chinese Ministry of Education and China’s Association for Science and Technology (CAST). We give support to the program primarily through internet-based technology--Handsbrain website. Our home site has ample information on the subject of child education in China. And we are supporting over 200 schools to build up their own websites. In our home site, a lot of information resources are open to people freely. These resources are categorized into different channels, including Development of Education, Guidance Literature, Science Tutorship, Education Software Download, and many other channels about Learning by Doing.

Learning By Doing

The "Learning by Doing" reform program for science education is proposed on the basis of investigating the trend and tendency of science education in foreign countries, summing up the achievements and rich experience in our middle schools, primary schools, and kindergartens, analyzing existing problems, and absorbing international advanced concepts and methodologies. Scientists enthusiastic to improve science education at the basic stage, researchers devoted to the study and reformation of science education, and teachers working vigorously at the education frontier, have jointly participated in the program to boost its implementation.